August 11, 2010

Berlin, Germany - EL MAC/KOFIE

Right after ArtBasel in Switzerland, I hopped a train with my friend and crewmate Augustine Kofie, and we headed north to go paint some Berlin walls. I provided a little guest appearance during Kofie's painting event there, where I painted a quick portrait of my lovely girlfriend Kim. We also painted a small collaborative mural, where the figure was based on a photo I took of an older Mexican man at a lucha libre match in Phoenix. Berlin welcomed him and didn't even ask to see his papers. Many thanks go to Jaybo Monk of Projectroom, Cathy Boom of StyleMag, Zapato Chachi, and Marco Pho.
Here's a couple videos from Kofie & Projectroom documenting these pieces:

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Anonymous said...

Wow, beautiful work! I blogged about 3 of your Phoenix murals on my blog:

I also blog for Downtown Phoenix Partnership and will blog about them there at some point.