May 17, 2011

"Art in the Streets"

Seeing as how there's been all this attention paid to "street art" lately I thought I'd put up this old photo I found from 1995. It was taken by my friend STOEC NBS, who was one of my earliest painting partners, and did the fresh robot character to the right. I painted the thing on the left which was some kind of lizard in a suit and was pretty wack, so I probably wouldn't post the whole wall even if I find the photo. This wall was at the corner of Central and Lincoln in downtown Phoenix. Since then I've been stepping up my can control & facial hair situation, still working on the wardrobe part. When this photo was taken I had no idea that painting murals/street-art/graffiti would pretty much control my life for the next 16+ years....

May 15, 2011

"Inspired" - New mural in LA with Kofie

This is a permanent "outdoor mural installation" I just painted with Kofie in Los Angeles titled "Inspired". It's at Mid-City Arts/33Third in conjunction with the Pasadena Museum of California Art's new 'Street Cred' Exhibition. It's our fourth collaborative mural together and only our second in LA, (unless you count a small mural we also painted with Retna in 2003). Kofie is one of my favorite modern/abstract artists, and one of the few people I've ever collaborated with on walls aside from Retna and Reyes. A number of other respected artists from the PMCA exhibition will be painting at 33Third as well in the coming days. Many thanks to: Med & Shig for the support & materials, Lacheln for modeling, Kim, Ixchel, Todd, & kohsh for documenting, and thanks to the loud Jamaicans next door for the soundtrack.

May 5, 2011

"New Masters" at Subliminal Projects in LA

I have a couple pieces in a show opening this saturday, May 7th at Subliminal Projects in LA. It's a group show titled "New Masters" and will include works based on the classical figure. To consider myself a "New Master" would be a little egotistical, but I think it's an honor to be considered as such and be included alongside the other talented artists in the show. The photos above are progress shots of my newest painting, "Prayer" which will be in the show. It was a true labor of love. Even after all these years I still can't believe how long these paintings take to complete!
And another thing- my apologies as always for not keeping up with emails, blogging etc. I will do my best to catch up soon. More good things on the way...