August 15, 2023

New EL MAC prints: 'Mystical Rose'

New print release this Friday, August 18th. Purchase at

Sale opens Friday @10am PST
Print details:
"Mystical Rose"
Signed, titled, and numbered by the artist.
Hand-pulled screenprints made with Andres Zavala in Boyle Heights, California. Serigraphs printed using seven colors, with a few thin layers of clear ink over some of the linework.
Editions I, II, and V printed on archival + acid-free, 100% cotton, 300 gsm, Saunders Waterford paper made by St. Cuthbert's Mill in England.
Editions III + IV printed on colored, archival + acid-free, 100% cotton, 300 gsm, Pescia paper made by Magnani in Italy
21in x 27in paper size
(18.5in x 23.5in printed area)

There are five completely different color editions of this print:

"Mystical Rose":
edition of 40
reds and blues

"Mystical Rose II":
edition of 34
oranges and greens

"Mystical Rose III":
edition of 25
grays on cream paper

"Mystical Rose IV":
edition of 25
blues on light blue paper

"Mystical Rose V":
edition of 17
gold (oranges and yellows)

Artist's statement about the work:

The rose, symbolic of love and beauty, as well as the transience of life and the material world, has long been considered the 'queen of flowers'. 'Mystical Rose' is also a poetic title for the Blessed Mother. Painting this image earlier this year was an expression of love and gratitude, and a way of processing the passing of my own beloved mother, who helped shape my approach to life, love and beauty.
In a 1964 interview the legendary jazz pianist Mary Lou Williams said "I am praying through my fingers when I play…I get that good 'soul sound', and I try to touch people's spirits." 
I was instilled with a similar understanding, because art-making can sometimes be a form of prayer—a meditative, devotional practice of creation and connection, where if the work is soulful at all it might touch some spirits. I hope that this simple image might also touch some spirits.