September 20, 2011

New Video from Germany- "Portrait of a Dying Cockroach"

Here's a new timelapse video of a piece I painted for the Public Provocations show at the Carhartt Gallery held during the last Art Basel in Switzerland. This was painted with just spraypaint and fatcaps, no stencils or projectors, etc. As I explained in this earlier post, this was based on a photograph I took of a cockroach on the floor of the Margulies Collection when we painted their building during the last Miami Art Basel. It felt appropriate to then paint this during the Swiss Art Basel, alongside all the glamour and wealth. (Someone told me they don't have roaches in Switzerland)
Many thanks to Dans & the crew at Carhartt Gallery for putting this together.

September 9, 2011

New EL MAC mural in Bristol, England: "Clothed With the Sun"

This is a new mural I painted in Bristol, England titled "Clothed With the Sun". It is located in the center of the city, on a building six stories high. It was painted during an event called "See No Evil", as part of an effort to revitalize one of the more drab streets in the heart of Bristol (yes, the same Bristol that street art superstar Banksy is from). A bunch of other European artists also painted for this event, billed as "Europe's largest permanent street art project".
I wanted to make this image something like a modernized scene from a Renaissance painting, serene and grandiose. Hopefully Raphael or Michelangelo would approve. You could interpret this as an updated Madonna painting, or an homage to single mothers in a country that has the highest rate of single mothers in Europe.
Many thanks to my lady Kim & her baby niece Madeleine for posing, The Bristol City Council & Inkie for helping make this possible, TATS cru for comedy, Weapon of Choice, Tim, and everyone else that helped out or showed some love.

Here's a no-frills timelapse video someone took from a nearby building:

..and here's a painting by Raphael from about 1504 that's a good example of the inspiration behind the mural.

September 8, 2011

New video- Retna, El Mac: les murs clairs-obscurs de Los Angeles

Retna, El Mac: les murs clairs-obscurs de Los... by Mediapart

Here is a nice new video that was put together by Hugo Vitrani for the French news magazine Mediapart as part of a series of artist profiles, titled "Retna, El Mac: les murs clairs-obscurs de Los Angeles" (Los Angeles chiaroscuro walls).
Here's the video description:
Mixage contemporain des murales mexicains et chicanos, de la peinture classique italienne et des gang graffiti, les fresques monumentales de Retna et El Mac nous font lever les yeux aux murs, pour mieux nous les ouvrir. Touchant de la bombe et du pinceau la misère des barrios de L.A, leurs murs transpirent la pauvreté, l'espoir, la révolte et les identitées déracinées-métissées.

September 7, 2011

New mural in Montréal - "Spirit of Summer / l'Esprit d'Été"

Here's a recent mural I just painted in Montreal, Canada. This one's titled "Spirit of Summer" and was my expression of the vitality you can feel this time of year there. Montreal is one of my favorite cities, and it seems to hold a unique creative energy. I also know how cold, drab and grey it can get there when it isn't summer, so I almost felt a sense of obligation to paint this with more color than usual. In addition, this is kind of an interpretation of a young Rose Phillips, the namesake of the neighborhood this is in, "Rosemont". Many thanks to Louis, my main Quebec connect, for making this all possible. Thanks also to the other Louis for sponsorship and support, Lacheln for modeling, and to everyone that came by to help or hang out. More updates soon..