December 26, 2008

New stuff..

Here's a shot of a billboard currently up in Phoenix now, right off the 202 freeway. It's an advertisement for local jeweler Oliver Smith using the ink & brush piece I showed a few posts down. I first saw it from a plane window as we were landing at night, super cool spot..
Second thing is another book I have some stuff in, really cool book from Greece called Mural Art: Murals on Huge Public Surfaces Around the World by Kiriakos Iosifidis. Published by Publikat, includes everyone from Os Gemeos to Kent Twitchell to Diego Rivera.

December 10, 2008

New mural in Miami with Retna

Just finished painting this mural with Retna in Miami for Primary Flight/Art Basel. This wall was HUGE. Retna did a great job with all the text.  I would have liked to work a little more on the shading on the boy, but considering the scale & time limits had to let it be. I think we both would have liked to do more, but overall it still came out good. Thanks to Lynn, Chris, Books & Oscar.

December 2, 2008

Art Basel- Miami

Gonna be in Miami this week during Art Basel for Primary Flight '08
Last year was fun, this time might be even better. See you there!

New stuff

Here's some new stuff out with my art in/on it:

Hats by Goorin, from the 1333 Minna line
Little feature in a Korean art magazine called Drip
A piece in an art book called Bella 

I also want to apologize for how bad I've been about getting back to people recently. The amount of stuff to do along with the amount of correspondence gets a little overwhelming sometimes, but I really do appreciate everyone's support & patience. I will do my best to get back to everyone as best I can. Don't even trip.