March 9, 2010

"Justice" mural with Kofie & Retna for Manifest Equality

This is a mural I just painted with my friends Kofie and Retna near Vine and Sunset in Hollywood, CA. It was commissioned by Yosi Sergant for the Manifest Equality show. I based this on a reference photo I took, which in turn was based on a drawing of Lady Justice by Edwin Abbey from the late 1800s. Retna painted the large letters in the background, Kofie painted the designs around the hands and borders on each end of the mural, and I painted the figure. The wall is about 100 feet wide and 20something feet high. Thanks go to the lovely Ginalyn McNamara who generously modeled for this on short notice, and special thanks to Tom from Andenken, The Sergants, FAIR, and Mid-City Arts for helping make this mural possible. Below is a cool time-lapse video Kofie made showing the process: