November 4, 2015

"Aerosol Exalted" - Museum exhibition in Colorado at the CSFAC

Finally uploaded some photos of my museum exhibition at the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center in Colorado. The show opened in October and will be up through January 10th, 2016. 
I've been inspired from visiting art museums since I was little, so I'm honored to show my work in such a beautiful space, in the company of so many other great artists (this show follows a Georgia O'Keefe exhibit, which was a tough act to follow). I painted some new pieces for this show, including a large spraypaint on burlap piece based on a 1930s photograph by the inspirational Colorado photographer Laura Gilpin, as well as an interpretation of a John Singer Sargent painting in the museum's collection. There are three large collaborative canvases with Retna which had been started years ago and finally just finished, excited to show them all together.
As with many of my murals, this show focuses on dignified portraits of humble, often marginalized people, painted in the spirit of a classical social realism, as well as interpretations of other classic, powerful works of the past. 
For the exhibit, CSFAC released a small serigraph print of a piece based on another old photograph by Laura Gilpin.
Also showing next door are some works by Larry "FUSE AWR" Masters, a good friend and veteran of the 1980s Los Angeles graffiti scene. Many thanks to Fuse and the Masters family for their help and hospitality. Thanks to Joy Armstrong and the crew at the Fine Art Center, RETNA, Andy, Ari, Jorge, Jess, Kim, and anyone else who helped make this show possible or supported in any way.