September 7, 2011

New mural in Montréal - "Spirit of Summer / l'Esprit d'Été"

Here's a recent mural I just painted in Montreal, Canada. This one's titled "Spirit of Summer" and was my expression of the vitality you can feel this time of year there. Montreal is one of my favorite cities, and it seems to hold a unique creative energy. I also know how cold, drab and grey it can get there when it isn't summer, so I almost felt a sense of obligation to paint this with more color than usual. In addition, this is kind of an interpretation of a young Rose Phillips, the namesake of the neighborhood this is in, "Rosemont". Many thanks to Louis, my main Quebec connect, for making this all possible. Thanks also to the other Louis for sponsorship and support, Lacheln for modeling, and to everyone that came by to help or hang out. More updates soon..


Rosemont said...

I live a couple blocks away on rosemont street.
This is some spiritual shit i have the same skyline in my studio.

Plus i get to pass in front everyday. Ha!

Yeah when i got home after seeing it the first time it was up on wooster. This is great for the whole block
el mac =+reps

Rosemont said...
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Rosemont said...

Jencey said...

This looks exactly like me. My friend found it and posted it on my Facebook page.

Laura said...

I am so shocked... this picture also looks a lot like me... my friends and family were trying to figure out who it was!!