August 11, 2010

Dublin, Ireland part I

I left Berlin for Dublin, Ireland around the end of June. I was invited to paint for the Kings of Concrete festival there which is an annual city-funded hip hop event. I'm part Irish and had always wanted to go there so this was especially important for me. The piece I painted for the event depicts two hands, one holding the other. It's based on a detail from a painting from 1878 I saw at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts by Gabriel Max titled "the Raising of Jairus' Daughter" (below). The power and gracefulness of the hands stood out to me, and carried as much expression as a portrait. The red hand carries a deeper history of symbology behind it, as the Red Hand of Ulster is an important symbol from Irish mythology. The conflicts in Ireland have not ended and this was my subtle artistic response. Many thanks to Shane and Dave for making it all happen, Amanda, Christo, Sophie, Aidan & Laura, and all the other kind folks I met there.

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Nicolas said...

they took this painting down this weekend!
hopefully they sent it to another museum, and not just in the storage rooms...