January 1, 2010

Happy new year! + Juxtapoz top 100

Happy new year!
I'm honored to say that Juxtapoz magazine included my show with Retna at Berman gallery in their 100 Best list!
I feel really grateful for all the opportunities I've had in 2009 and I'm excited to see the art, projects, travels, etcetera that 2010 will bring...I'd like to thank you for checking out my art and I'd also like to encourage you all with your own creative endeavors.
Cool stuff coming soon.....


goldlionaz said...



your graffiti really blow my mind.its like it cant even done but you guys done it.salute!

from malaysia,
with love

marina said...

this is SO inspiring to me. thank you for creating. :)

KA said...

i like this,


Blayne said...
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Blayne said...

Hey mac. Your art is very inspiring man. I love it. I'm from mesa, do you have a studio, or a place i can check out your work, or even watch you work? I'm an aspiring artist. My portfolio is very small but I dabble in many kinds of art(pen,pencil,paint,digital) I aspire for it to be my profession:)

Man I dig your lettering style. Did you do some work for RVCA in their MMA training center?

Let me know if there is somewhere I can peep your work. I would dearly love to. I just now discovered you!

Blayne Barlow