January 21, 2010

LA Art Show 2010- Vox Humana

I'm participating in Vox Humana this week at the LA Art Show in the Los Angeles Convention Center, along with Retna, Kofie and Mear. Details at LA Art Machine. Shig & Med of 33Third made the super cool promo video above. Special thanks to the folks at Lucius Hudson for their generosity & craftsmanship..I'll post photos later..more to come..


Aamukaksi said...
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Aamukaksi said...

Blogged about your artwork @ http://muotoaetsimassa.blogspot.com and stole a few images for that purpose. I'm hoping you don't mind but in case you do let me know and I'll remove the post.

By the way; the stuff you're doing is beyond awesome and it takes a lot for me to get excited about anything these days. As soon as a new art print from you comes out I'm pulling the bucks for that out of my butt in case I can't do it otherwise. Keep rocking.

Unknown said...

orale viejo estan chingones los alucines .
aca en mexico no se usa mcuho srpay montana se usan puros de todas las marcas o se inventan los colores =) saludos desde la comarca notrh side