June 23, 2009

New Print: "Ixtaccihuatl"

This is a new print just finished by the legendary Self Help Graphics printshop in East LA. This is the nicest & biggest print I've done so far and it's an honor to have had it produced by such an important and respected printshop as SHG. The printer, Joe Alpuche did a perfect job. The title is "Ixtaccihuatl" (basically pronounced "ee.stok.SEE.wot") which is the name of a large mountain in Mexico said to resemble a sleeping woman. The myth behind this has inspired countless popular Mexican/Chicano paintings, drawings, calendars, murals, tattoos, merchandise, etc portraying an Azteca warrior cradling his dead lover. This is my sincere take on this traditional theme using my brushwork style. If you're interested in getting one, or for more info go to http://www.elmac.net/merchandise.html


roberlan said...

Super Awesome. Love your style. =)

GARZA said...


Lahe_178 said...


we will meet here in Spain in a FEstival !!

i will go to paint too!


Tenoch said...
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Tenoch said...

why not the whole image?
Let me know if you sell a print that includes Popoca too.