June 21, 2009

Mid City Arts + LA Times love

These things were up all over LA for about the last month. You can see part of a girl's face in blue from a mural I painted with Retna representing Los Angeles right alongside the mayor, Kobe & Angelina...

These are images of a piece Retna & I created for the Mid City Arts show. It's a painting of Verse, a good friend of Retna's who was senselessly murdered nearby a couple years ago.

This was a small mural we painted outside titled "Unity"
Special thanks go to Kofie, Kopye & Codak who all painted fresh stuff on the other walls during the event...and thanks to the guys at 33Third for making it happen..


Clark Kent said...

doing it big

Mr Kiji said...

the casket portrait is amazing man. loving the chiaroscuro. its really developing beautifully. super inspiring as always.

hit me up before your next new york trip.

-mr. kiji

Angry said...