February 21, 2022

New EL MAC prints: 'All Shall Be Well'

New print release this Wednesday, February 23rd. Purchase at http://elmac.net
Sale opens Wednesday @10am PST

Print details:
"All Shall Be Well"
Signed, titled, and numbered by the artist.
Hand-pulled screenprints made with Andres Zavala in Boyle Heights, California. Serigraphs printed using four colors, with four thin layers of clear ink over the darkest linework.
Printed on acid-free, 100% cotton, 320 gsm, USA-made Coventry Rag paper.
27in x 22in paper size 
(24in x 19in printed area)

There are four different color editions of this print:

"All Shall Be Well"
edition of 27
red over cream

"All Shall Be Well II"
edition of 26
dark red over light red

"All Shall Be Well III"
edition of 26
dark grey over light grey

"All Shall Be Well IV"
edition of 25
dark blue over light blue

Artist's statement about the work:

"The title of these prints, All Shall Be Well, comes from English mystic and theologian Julian of Norwich, who at the age of thirty in May of 1373 had a series of visions while seriously ill and seemingly close to death that she took to be revelations from God. After recovering she wrote about the experience, while devoting the rest of her life to spiritual contemplation as an anchoress willingly confined to a small room adjoined to a church, and providing spiritual counsel to the public from that room through a small window. Her text, Revelations of Divine Love, is the earliest known writing in English by a woman.

This book includes a number of celestial reassurances that 'all shall be well' through an all-encompassing and everlasting universal love. Some of these parts could sound like cheerful platitudes if taken out of context, but it's important to consider that Julian lived through a violent time of wars and suffering, when over a third of Europe's population died from the plague. So things were far from being well back then, but this remarkable theologian and mystic sought to share her profound conviction that there is a force of love surrounding us greater than any suffering and despair, that love is the meaning of life, and through this love, all shall be well. 

I hope that in some small way my art, and recollection of this message, might also carry a little bit of that love.

'And thus our good Lord answered all the questions and doubts I could put forward, saying most comfortingly, ‘I may make all things well, I can make all things well and I will make all things well and I shall make all things well; and you shall see for yourself that all manner of things shall be well.’

-Julian of Norwich(1343-1416)

Revelations of Divine Love, chapter 31(long text)"

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