April 6, 2015

"Las Flores del Campo" : New mural in Puerto Rico

"Las Flores del Campo" -This is a mural I painted recently in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, near San Juan. 
This is the highest up I've painted before (A few stories higher than "María de la Reforma" in Mexico City) The challenge was not fear of heights, but the fact that it was such a prohibitive, time-consuming process to get up and down from the wall, which meant I didn't work on it with as much perspective as I'd like. It also would have been nice to have a bit more time to work on it (and maybe a few less rain showers), however overall I'm happy with how it came out. The figure almost seems to be using the wall as clothing, which felt appropriate as the tug-of-war between Nature and Civilization seems to be very visible on this beautiful island.
The mural was made possible by the Los Muros Hablan mural festival. Thanks to Emil, Paloma, Pablo y el resto del equipo LMH, Kim, Polina, David Joseph Perez, Celso + Calma, Daniel San, Alexis Diaz, Bad, etc

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