April 12, 2014

"The Anonymous Farm Worker" : New mural in Coachella's Pueblo Viejo

I just painted this simple little mural in the pueblo viejo of Coachella as part of the Coachella Walls project organized by the City of Coachella, The Date Farmers, and Medvin Sobio. It's not intended to represent any one specific person, but rather many people, especially the "anonymous farm worker". Farm workers in this country have been marginalized despite producing the very food we all need for survival. The Coachella valley is an important region for farming, and has been the setting for many of the struggles by the UFW to to improve workers' rights since the 60s..and you can feel this history there. Anytime during the day while I was painting this I could look to the park to my right and see groups of viejitos that looked similar to the man I was painting, all gathered at picnic tables gambling and laughing. One girl came by and asked if I was painting someone famous..when I said no, she replied "good, then I can say it's my tío..thank you for bringing beauty to our varrio" -This is the best kind of feedback I can hope to receive.
Thanks to the supportive gente & farmers of the Coachella valley, Medvin of Mid City Arts + the Academy of Street Art in Los Angeles, and mis hermanos del desierto Carlos & Armando of The Date Farmers for organizing this project.
Thanks also to the neighborhood kids that provided artistic commentary and Panaderia Las Tres Conchitas for the daily pumpkin empanadas.

Nice LA Times article about Coachella Walls HERE


Unknown said...

To el mac,
thanks for coming down to our valle of Coachella. I know the many farmers who live in this community will appreciate seeing positive images on the walls like I do.
Again, great work and we love your style! Cheers!

Unknown said...

Great work! I've been following your work for a while. I teach at a new bilingual charter school opening up in The Bronx. Most of our kids are the kids of immigrants and they are the first generation in the US. I want to share your work with them like The Anonymous Farm Worker so they see positive images of Hispanic culture. You're work is so moving and powerful. If you're ever in New York, please let us know. Hope all is well.