February 8, 2013

Mural commissioned by Rapt Studio for Adobe

I was commissioned by Rapt Studio of San Francisco to paint this mural for the new Adobe campus in Utah. It was exciting and an honor to be part of such a cool project, since Adobe has become such an important force in modern creativity through programs like Photoshop, and the building itself is a huge work of art.
I consider myself somewhat of a traditionalist, in that I favor a classical approach to art that emphasizes drawing from life, painting from observation, studying the great masters of the past, etc. I also embrace the use of modern tools such as photography and, of course, spraypaint (although you could argue that those examples aren't really that recent considering that people were blowing pigment on cave walls over 40,000 years ago, and the camera obscura has been around since the time of Leonardo Da Vinci). For this company that has had such a huge technological impact on art over the last few decades I wanted to paint an image representing an innocent approach to creativity, something that could convey the fundamental appeal and power of creation that's inside all of us.
Many thanks to Cory and everyone at Rapt Studio, Adobe, MTN, Kim, Carol & Noah, and especially Milena for modeling.
Process photos above by Weston Colton

This is a pretty classy video just released by Rapt that documents some of the process.


Mathieu Beaulieu said...

It's so lovely :)
Nice one

Anonymous said...

Very nice piece!!!
Are you going to work on anything in San Francisco Anytime soon ??