March 7, 2012

Recent publications: VNA + Art Press

So I haven't had time to update lately since I've been busy painting and generally just distracted by life -I'll try and post up some more updates soon..for now, here's two recent publications I had artwork featured in worth mentioning.

The first one is a nice little interview in VNA Magazine (Very Nearly Almost) out of the UK, one of the classiest public art/street art magazines out there.

The second one looks like a porno based on the cover but is, in fact, one of the most respected art publications in Europe: Art Press. They featured "The Conductor", a mural I painted with Retna on the side of the Margulies Collection building in the the Wynwood district of Miami for Primary Flight during Art Basel in 2009.
I'm a little late posting about these, but they're both worth checking out. More good stuff on the way..

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tceng said...

It's hard to lose mentors, comrades and friends. You have the skill and vision to publicly memorialize them. Never Forget.

I'm trying to locate, geotag and record your Phoenix work.

Are these yours?

I will be in LA next month, and may have a day to do Mac Tagging (Geo). Any help for some productive hours are welcomed.

Thank you.

chris english