October 21, 2011

New mural in LA with Kofie for Sound Space/KROQ/RedBull

Here's some shots of a new mural I just painted with my good friend Kofie in LA. It was commissioned for the new Red Bull Sound Space venue at the KROQ headquarters. Coincidentally, I just painted a guitarist in Spain recently, so this is a more modern, harder, electric companion to that. This is based on a photo I took of my girl Kim playing her vintage Supro guitar. I wanted this to convey a sense of rocking out combined with musicianship- I think Kofie's sharp, aggressive angles are a good compliment to the more focused, serene feel of the figure. Music is a key part of my painting process, I hardly ever paint without listening to some kind of music...so this is sort of an appreciation for all the great musicians that help us do what we do and make life better, one drum beat or guitar riff at a time. Thanks to Kim for modeling, and all the good folks from KROQ and Red Bull that helped make this mural possible.

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