December 16, 2010

NYC mural video - "Chelsea Jewel"

Here's a video of a mural I painted in Manhattan recently when I was in town for my show at Joshua Liner Gallery. It was on the side of an auto garage in Chelsea. They guy complaining in the video was upset because he had painted something on the wall before and it wasn't there anymore.
This video was made by the lovely and enchanting Kim Hagey.
Thanks to Josh & Tim from the gallery for hooking up the wall, and thanks to David from the garage for the support. More on the way...


Monica Peluci said...

I am delighted with your work. You're fabulous at it. I met you and your paintings today, but I want to follow his career from now on. Congratulations!

Brett O. Walker said...

Great video! That hipster dude was great. "Don't touch me!" haha. Great piece!

Minimal Street Art said...

really sweet! Nice work! You make the street more beautiful!

Artfoal said...

Hi El Mac,

I sent you an e-mail regarding an art panel coming up in February. Please take a look! Hope it gets directed to you soon.

Thank you! Wishing you endless hot cocoa in this weather,
Jenny Ma

Curator of DIRT
February 4 - February 25, 2011
San Francisco