December 8, 2010

"Manuel Lee Chang" - Mural in Campeche

Here's another mural I just painted in Campeche, Mexico for the Seres Queridos project. It's right next to the main public market. This is a portrait of Manuel Lee Chang, known locally as "el Chino"(despite the fact that he's of Korean descent) with his Guacamaya (Macaw). He's been selling handmade wooden toys, knick-knacks and tropical birds for decades. I thought this would be an interesting and important image to paint because it shows a blending of cultures. Anybody familiar with me or my work may have realized that this is an important theme for me. The Asian community in Mexico is not really that visible, and I thought it would be interesting to show Manuel with his Guacamaya, as these birds are very representative of that region. The photo at the end is from when Manuel, his bird, and his family came to see me goodbye at the airport, which I really appreciated.
Gracias a Anna, Victor, Julio, Champi, Mena, y al resto del equipo SQ para hacerlo posible!


Gabi d.r.d. said...

amazing as always. your technique has always blown me away.

also, i was wondering, how are you able to paint on the buildings..i mean, are you granted a permit by the government? or you request for one?

GARZA said...

that's a really awesome mural man, and I really like the meaning behind it. Your killing it in Mexico!

Franky García en said...

Esta muy bueno..

champi said...

Mr Miles (: "mac", it was a huge pleasure, like the first time in Mty and now in Campeche, see you making your amazing art. I really hope this is not the last time we meet! ... a big hug from México my friend..

champi <3