May 21, 2010

Régulo mural at MARCO

These are photos of a mural I just painted on the side of MARCO, the contemporary art museum in Monterrey, México. It was the first mural I painted there as part of the Seres Queridos(loved ones) project. The portrait is of Régulo de Leon Santos, who works as a parking lot attendant near the museum. This was a very cool project and I met some great people. A lot of locals helped out, making the project possible. Thanks go to Anna of Nobulo who started the project, The good folks at ARTO-Art Beyond Museums, Marla and the people at MARCO, As well as the other artists: Jorge Rodríguez Gerada, El Niño de las Pinturas, and Atma. Special thanks also to Poeekz, Claudia, Buster, Sanez, Dose, Rene Almanza, los fotografos José Lara y Verónica Valdés Vega, los del taller de Grafica Miguel Alvarado, Bacalao, and everyone else that helped out....MILES DE GRACIAS

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asako said...

wooow... what an amazing mural