February 18, 2010

New piece with Retna: "Collige, Virgo, Rosas"

This is a new commission piece I finished recently with Retna for Nick Cassavetes. I painted the girl based on a photo we took, Retna then added the halo and text designs in the background. The title of the piece comes from the text in the halo, which is an old Latin phrase:

Collige, virgo, rosas dum flos novas et nova pubes et memor esto aevumsic properare tuum.
Pick, girl, the flowers while they are still fresh and the youth is new, remembering that the time goes by.


Unknown said...


scotttobinone said...

Coolbeans yo.
Looks kinda watercolor & inkish to me.
Stay Toasty :)

Flávio said...

very good work
adimero enough


Anonymous said...


TKP Creative Group said...

I love IT!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

you are so so talented!!

Esperanzita said...

Asi o mas chingon!?

Me encanto.