November 12, 2009


I did some painting in Montreal, Quebec recently..the yellow paisano was venturing into a Hasidic part of the city, painted with local aerosol kingpins Senck & Omen. The other piece was a really special project for the new offices of the architecture firm Aedifica. The two kids serve as a subtle reminder of the importance of creating a better environment for the next generation. I'll try to post more shots later.
Merci to my friend Louis C, Val, Snoop, Poutine, and all the fine folks at Aedifica.


Phil Arsenault said...

Video comming soon..!

Kim Carney said...

In love with your work!

is really amazing

Ramón Pérez Sendra said...

Magnifico trabajo!
Saludos desde Malaga city!

scotttobinone said...

Full bleed on the kids piece... pretty slick.
Thanx for posting:)