September 11, 2009

Update + open apology

So I'd like to first and foremost offer my apologies to a lot of people right now for being so bad with emails lately. I've been feeling kind of overwhelmed for the last month or so and have had so much to do that I've put off most correspondence. I hope anyone wondering why the hell I haven't gotten back to them by now can understand and bear with me.. Thanks for your patience.
I'm finishing up pieces right now for a show at the Robert Berman Gallery in LA at the end of this month, and it's been my main focus, but as I get more time I'll try and be better with emails and and catch up with everyone!

Also, here is a new book that was released recently by Gingko Press/Upper Playground of both my art and Retna's, called "Alianza". It's a small 96 page hardcover book, showing my work, Retna's, and our collaborative pieces together. It came out really nice in my opinion, I'm really proud of it and excited about it! You can see a little write-up at ModArt... and you can get a copy from Upper Playground

More updates & art soon...



Wow!!! let me be the first to say i'm totally blown away by the skillz!!
Very nice work.
Will keep tabs on yo blog.
Much respect.

v.vicens said...

I like your blog, it´s wonderful.
Let´s go my blog
See you.

Unknown said...

don't apologize for being busy, man. You're putting out some of the most incredible work I've seen in years. I love the scale, linework and hatching of your pieces. Inspiring and awesome. I'm telling everyone that'll listen to check out your work :)

Diana Assennato Botello said...

Hi Mac, how are you?

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We are working in our October/November issue, and we are preparing a great article (our cover article) about Miami. This article´s intention is to draw the public´s attention to the growing art scenario that has taken place of the city. Besides that, we want to publicize Art Basil as a great chance to know this side of Miami on December.

We sent a photographer and a journalist to the city a couple of weeks ago and one of your panels ( is our cover option to this issue.

I would like to know if you are interested to publish your work in our magazine as a possible cover (with the respective credit, of course, and your web site).

I hope you see this email often, because we have a really tigh dead-line and I would need to hear back from you ASAP.

Please, here are my contact infos. Let me know if I can help you with further information.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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Tom said...

Hey Mac,
Been following your art for a while now. I love how you combine traditional skills with the graff elements. Everything is fresh and original. Keep it up; one love!

CriGorge said...

Is there a dealer in France where I can found your book?
I see your work since many times, it's great, if you had a solution to procurate this.
Sorry for my very bad english, I am french ...

Jared Rosser said...

Congratulations on the book and all your success. You deserve every bit of it.
I'm anxiously awaiting my order in the mail.

Anonymous said...

EL MAC, will you have an opening reception for the exhibit with Retna? i plan on attending forsure, I live in LA and see your murals here and there, along with murals from the seventh letter members. Been a fan of your work since the first mural i saw. Here is a link to my Myspace, i also am an artist who is inpired by your visuals....


Anonymous said...

Oh and one more thing.. will you be there at the Robert Berman Gallery for any days? I wanted to get my Alianza book signed by EL MAC... lol if possible,
much respect-


Kidknapper said...

Really nice work Mac. I just received the Alianza book in the mail and I'm really pleased with it. Don't stop with your art, you have inspired many including myself. Hopefully I'll be able to congratulate you at one of your shows in the future. Come to the Midwest!