July 13, 2009

Spain - Part 1 (Zaragoza)

Just got back from Spain & loved it. Tengo que regresar pronto! These are shots from the first part of the trip, when I was in Zaragoza. The Spanish really do like to party. The first wall was my little contribution to the much larger mural that was painted as part of the Festival Zaragoza Ciudad 2009. It's a painting of Hernán Cortés with bloody red eyes. Maybe a little political for a fun hip-hop festival where a gypsy guy painting near me wore only a Borat-style thong the entire time...but hey it was my first mural in Spain and it just seemed appropriate. The second wall, next to the Ebro river, is based on a photo I took of a paletero in Phoenix. I met too many great people to name, but special saludos to Stook, Belin, Sex, Kuru, Lahe, Lust, Rabodiga, Malakkai, Jackee...y muchisimas gracias a mis compas Chikita y Danjer por hacerlo posible!

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