May 6, 2009

the New Generation...

So this is from an email I just got recently:

"My name is Jeff Moring and I am a highschool art teacher in a little town called Manteca, CA. I just wanted you to know that you are a huge inspiration to many of my advanced art students. I have a student named Mirna Castillo who adores your work. I am sending you a couple of pieces she replicated using acrylic, watercolor, and color pencils.
I Thought you might want to see how you can influence young adults/students without even being aware of it (pretty interesting thought)! Keep painting...because there are many of us who love what you do!


I hope they don't mind me posting this, but I was very humbled, impressed, and wanted to share it. I think I forget just how much public art can actually affect people. My thanks to Jeff and Mirna... keep up the great work!!

(the pieces on the left & right depict old murals I painted with Retna & Reyes)

UPDATE!: More info here from Juxtapoz. This is one cool high school...


ray said...

i agree!! your art is super inspiring, everytime i have a friend come in town i always drive them by your pieces downtown and they love it!!!!
(i live dwntwn phx).

so glad these students are exposed to your work!!!!

Esteban Loeschbor said...

perdon, no se expresarme de manera fluida en ingles! no hace mucho que descubri tu arte, pero inmediatamente me gusto e influencio. conocer tus trabajos me permitio cerrar muchas ideas en mi cabeza y comprender como lograr ciertos resultados! tus pinturas son geniales, muy inspiradoras!
gracias por compartir tu arte con todos nosotros. saludos desde argentina!