February 27, 2014

VOGUE magazine feature

Due to some health problems last year my artistic output diminished considerably. Went through some rough times, but I've been slowly getting back on my feet and getting back to painting. I'm grateful to be feeling better and making art again. Also grateful to be the beneficiary of so much ongoing support from so many people. Apologies for not keeping up with most correspondence, I mean no offense to anyone..thanks for the patience & understanding!

These are pages from the new March issue of Vogue magazine (US edition). It features models posing in front of five different murals I've painted in Los Angeles. Most of the murals were collaborations with Retna, while one was painted with Kofie. The murals are located throughout LA, in Hollywood, Culver City, Mid City, and by MacArthur Park. The Photos were shot by Craig McDean. Thanks to Vogue and the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles.


SimoneGallina™ said...

we wish you the best for your health first!
you art rocks

Roksana Sultana said...

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