December 10, 2008

New mural in Miami with Retna

Just finished painting this mural with Retna in Miami for Primary Flight/Art Basel. This wall was HUGE. Retna did a great job with all the text.  I would have liked to work a little more on the shading on the boy, but considering the scale & time limits had to let it be. I think we both would have liked to do more, but overall it still came out good. Thanks to Lynn, Chris, Books & Oscar.


vert said...

yo man, this looks amazing!! Great too see you really are on it as always.


Unknown said...

beautiful! thanks for sharing...

. said...

thats hella dope

breanne elizabeth hopes said...

Is there significance to the text?
beautiful work, love the patterns in the shading...

☽❍☾ EƔE ☽❍☾ said...

wow I have sadly never seen your work until tonight.... your work is beautiful your collaborations are as well..

Anonymous said...

No Thanks to YOU....don't thank me. xox Lov ya honey

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